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How to Renovate your Bathroom without Spending Much 

Giving a new look to your existing bathroom does not have to mean spending a fortune. You just have to know some tricks to renovate this space of the house within your designated budget. However, before spending time and money, you must follow this guideline in order to determine what kind of bathroom you want to create.

What are your needs?

The first thing is to be clear about the use of the bathroom, whether you need a shower, a bath or even a relaxing spa for complete rest. You need to set your priorities and determine are you one of those people who do not always take quick showers and prefer relaxing in the tub?

Secondly, you must determine who uses the bathroom, suppose if you have a family bathroom, then you have to choose practical furniture, double sinks, large storage space, etc. If you can understand that two small sized modern bathrooms are better than one large bathroom. Then, this will help you to avoid the morning traffic. Moreover, you can opt for a large bathroom with more space and comfort.

The perfect bathroom is that which is adapted to the habits of the people who live there. If you spend more time in a bathroom, then good lighting is ideal. And finally, you must consider the time for which you renew the bathroom. Ultimately you see there are a number of answers to consider before renovating a bathroom. Hence, a conscious thought to all these questions will give you a very clear idea what you actually need.

Want to renovate your bathroom without spending much?

Are you afraid of work and expense of reforming the bathroom? Well, you can have options to renovate the bathroom in a budget.

Walls and Ceiling

It is the most economical and effective remedy to renovate the bathroom within budget. You can choose contrasting colors or tones with decorative elements and original touches to various painting techniques. In addition, you can restore decorative panels, use vinyl wallpaper, mirrored fronts, and the slats Matched or lacquered MDF and PVC adhesive vinyl sheets which are resistant to extreme moisture.


It is possible to renovate the floor without tough work, with special paint or coatings for wet areas. You can also place special sheets, tiles and vinyl adhesive strips that mimic any material.


Large mirrors and transparent glass on multiple walls is an effective way to renovate the bathroom. Replacing the shower curtain or shower by a partition (there are hinged, fixed, sliding, pivoting, curved), made of transparent glass will automatically increase the feeling of spaciousness and light. It is a very functional aesthetic solution to add space. In addition, mirrors are inexpensive. You can add mirrors or elements that reflect light around the room.

False Mosaic Panels

You can use false mosaic panels because they are so light and easy to install, even on tile, and you can also make them yourself. You only need a cutter to cut, double-sided tape and white cement.

Ceramic Dry

Ceramic tiles are traditional but installed without cement with a click system that fits together. Its saves labor and can be replaced and reused.

Decorative Touches

Another idea to get a new look to the bathroom is to add more characters like a baroque frame or frameless mirror, renewed towel bars, paper holder, candles, a vase of flowers, plants, a picture or a framed photo, and if you have a window, dress it differently.

New Accessories

A different valve, different colored towels, a mirror to the ceiling, natural plants on the counter are elements that renew the image of the toilet and the first thing you see.

Upgrade Lighting

The light transforms everything. Nothing is as unwelcoming as a bathroom with a bulb or fixtures with past trends. Inadequate lighting can make a room drab bathroom even though a large cabin.

Ceiling: the ideal is a general illumination with one or more embedded pockets, depending on the size of the bathroom, not to mention the shower area, which must be watertight.

Around the mirror: the best light to look good without shadows is provided by one or more lamps on both sides of the mirror or at the top.

LEDs: the best solution to save energy because not worth putting light bulbs in the bathroom.

A little more complicated but not excessive changes, such as replacing a solid door on the other translucent or a skylight or solar tube can also help improve a resounding lighting.

Shelves and Baskets

Shelves and baskets are an economical alternative to dramatically enhance the look of the bathroom, and the combination is very decorative. You can put them under countertop or setback of the wall on a shelf.

Flown Sink

They are much more aesthetic and lighter than one pedestal, and methacrylate boxes, cart, or other service units that can hide the traces of the foot with little work.

Painting Tile

If you do it yourself then use Burger, recommended for its high covering power, being washable and easy to apply and does not require previous priming.

Color the Ceiling

Many decorators recommend choosing a rich tone if it is a higher ceiling and if it is normal then choose a softer tone. It will give character to the bathroom and soften the contrast between walls and furniture. A change of paint has a dramatic effect. The feeling of change could not be greater. If you have a tiled plinth until half wall, paint the rest with plastic paint in a different tone.

Update Your Accessories

Changing bath accessories can be the easiest and cheapest way to renovate your bathroom. Choose handles in bright or bold colors (not too much) to give a change to the bathroom. On the other hand, boats, carpets, paintings, soaps and shower curtains are simple and inexpensive changes that give a completely different feel to the bathroom

More Storage

Besides the classic dramatically enhances furniture, there are many other solutions (some cheap goods) to store in the bathroom. We tell you some:

  • Custom closet
  • Hanging module
  • Bookshelf

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